if you decide to go protesting, please do your research on whether or not the riot you're attending is a set up or not. several [in san diego and pheonix for example] have been debunked as white supremacists trying to lure in people. it has also been exposed that the NYPD will film at every rally and protest. stay aware and stay safe.

teargas is a powder that clings to your skin and clothing and effects your eyes and respiratory system. the ones used against civilians are usually of the lowest levels of toxicity, but never trust a cop with any type of information and prepare for it.

tear gas canisters must be shot in the air, and not directly at civilians. police must announce they will gas the place before shooting a can, but you can tell when they will by them wearing a gas mask.
people with no breathing problems might experience fainting, but it is fatal to people with issues in their respiratory system. have in mind the long lasting effects of this chemical weapon have not been registered yet.

thick face mask (N95 masks)proper gas masks with mixed filter against organic vapours and acid gases goggles (ski masks or swimming ones)if the gas mask doesn’t cover your entire face/doesn’t have a proper grip, u need to wear a bandana or a piece of clothing under itdo not use vinegar, or wear makeup, creams or sunscreen as it worsens the effect on ur eyes


cheap: mix of water + soda, apply on the nose, rinse ur mouth with it, pour it on the eyes (closed) and wait a little while before blinking repeatedlyeffective & cheap: boil a pot of water with laurel leaves (the kind u use to cook) until water turns brown. apply on nose, rinse mouth, pour on closed eyes and blink repeatedly. more effective as preventive measure (soak a piece of clothing and hold it against ur mouth nose or tie it around ur head)other: maalox antiacid.biting on lemon helps the buring effects to go away, but it would only last once ur away from the gas at all costs and not near it.
do NOT run or get agitated, walk fast and watch where youre going. be calm, be mindful of others suffering the effects of the gas around you. help each other. contain each other. sneeze, cough, spit and blink as much as necessary until you’ve recovered. also protect animals around you who are also suffering from the teargas.


don't put vaseline, mineral oil or oil based sunscreen on skin, it can trap chemicals.don't wear contact lenses. they can permanently harm your eyes if in contact with chemicals.dont wear things that can be easily grabbed i.e jewellery, ties, loose hair, etc.dont wear branded clothes with logos on them, the CAN identifiy you.


try to bring as little attention to yourself as possible. do NOT try to stand out.wear all black, loose clothing. again, the police will be looking for shapes, slim or thick.cover your eyes, nose and mouth. wear a N95 mask and swimming goggles to defend from tear gas and smoke from fires. a bandana is also reccomended, soaked in water, lemon juice or vinagar to aid in breathing during chemical exposure.wear clothing that will cover all your skin to protect from the sun and pepper spray exposer. wear sneakers that are comfortable to run in.throw on a hat and bend the brim to keep it low. helps not identify you and protect you from the sun and chemical exposure.if you have a bicycle hat, WEAR IT. they break on impact but can save you if a tear gas bomb lands on your head, construction hats are much more durable too.WEAR. GLOVES. tear gas is hot, to throw it back you should wear gloves.


plan ahead. for essentials you may need and supplies. recognise the place you are rioting in. plan and know how to reconnect with your friendsknow where to take shelter if necessary. milk causes infections when doused on teargas and pepper spray. dont use itif you see the cops put on gas masks be prepared for teargas and try to avoid itif you see black people running, RUN WITH THEM.film, write and document any police actions of brutality, and injuries.


do NOT film anyone's faces and if you do, block them out (don't blur). use black boxes to explicitly hide every single feature of someones face and body. the police will be looking for a 'short slim black man'. they will find you using little evidence.do NOT go alone. try to bring a friend or sibiling with you or link with someone you know there. make sure you are with large crowds of people at all times. do NOT bring any credit cards or debit cards. bring all cash money. ATM machines and electric transit passes can expose who you are and that you were at the protest, plus most of them might be busted anyways.


a backpack with snacks, water, a portable charger and cloths to drench in milk/water for teargas victims. make a sprayer, 3 spoons of baking soda per each glass of water and put it all in the sprayer. you can empty a windex bottle and use that. its efficient and helps the burning go away.bring a fresh change of clothes in case yours get irritating from chemical contact.keep an inhaler, epipen, insulin and several days of prescription medication with you. you never know how long you could be away from home.bring a basic first aid kit and wet wipes/tissues. bring a lazer to shine in police officers eyes to cause distraction. it helps if youre running away from them.if you have a bike, USE IT TO NAVIGATE. its much more discreet than a car or waiting for an uber.


if the police capure you and you're alone, or all the people with you are being taken yell your full name so that the people watching and recording can have proof youve been detained and your family and friends can know.


The Freedom of Expression and Assembly states that everybody has the right to carry their opinions to the streets. Protection of the Right to Freedom of Assembly: law enforcement but facilitate and not restrict a peaceful public assembly.Freedom from Excessive Use of Force: in the policing of non-violent protests, police must avoid the use of force.Right to Medical Assistance: if you are hurt, you have a right to medical assistance. no delay.Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest and Detention: If you are arrested you have a right to be told of the reason for your arrest.
HAVE A LAWYER'S INFO ON YOU. before going to the rally/riot/protest, look up the name of am activist lawyer and write it on your skin or on your phone or notebook. its important because they might try to hook you up with a cop lawyer who can downgrade you rather than help you.


if one of your comrades gets arrested, and you know they can be held for 6, 9, 12 hours, depending on where you are, gather a group of people and wait outside the police station they were taken to. try to get their family aware about the situation theyre in.

you do this every damn time, regardless of whether you really like that person and regardless of how you feel about the thing your comrade got arrested for, regardless of how often they’ve been arrested. because you never know how shitty their experience is going to be in there this time. walk them home and try to get their mind of things. being held in a police station is terrifying.


don't post your recordings on social media as it can lead to the arrest of the people in it, but do not delete it. its important to have footage of the events to help the victims injured or abused by cops.remove all personal information from your social media accounts. remove where you work and live and the places you go often, turn off locations on all your pictures and untag yourself from pictures. the police may doxx you or even use this information to track you and arrest you. remove your digital footprint for the sake of your safety and that of those around you.these are threads on how to treat bullet wounds and fractures.